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Il Gardaland Che Vorrei - Gardaland, Merlin Entertainments


Gardaland’s ultimately goal is to deliver a memorable experience to each of its visitors, ensuring that they leave the park impatient to come back. Ideaward developed and managed IL GARDALAND CHE VORREI, an invitation to all Gardaland’s customers to share ideas to improve their experience at the park.


  • Il Gardaland che vorrei received more than 5,000 ideas over 6 weeks.
  • The quality of the ideas was outstanding; they ranged from relatively simple suggestions to improve the experience at the park to creative and innovative new ways to entertain Gardaland visitors.
  • The 20 best ideas were awarded 4 free entrances to Gardaland and Sea Life. The winning idea received besides a free VIP weekend at the Gardaland resort.
  • The winning idea has became Prezzemolo Land, the brand new 2014 attraction.

Il Gardaland che vorrei on the press