SPEAKING LANGUAGE: SPANISH You need to have a discussion with your teacher on the topic “tecnología”. Read Laura’s email to her friend Jenny first and then start the different tasks.
Querida Jenny, Esta semana ha pasado algo terrible en mi colegio: ¡nos han prohibido usar los teléfonos móviles! El nuevo director dice que algunos chicos usan sus teléfonos para chatear y hacer compras en línea mientras están en el colegio. En realidad las personas que usan mal el teléfono son una minoría. Yo y mis amigas usamos los teléfonos en el colegio solo para buscar información en internet relacionada con nuestras asignaturas. Es verdad que también chateamos y escuchamos música, pero sólo cuando estamos en el autobús o cuando llegamos a casa, nunca en el colegio. El nuevo director es de verdad muy severo… ¿Cómo funciona en tu colegio? ¿Podéis usar los móviles? ¡Escríbeme pronto! Un abrazo muy grande,
Listen to the first question about Laura’s email And then explain what has happened at Laura’s school. HINT
Listen to the second question about Laura’s email Say why mobile phones have been banned at Laura’s school.
Listen to the third question about Laura’s email Answer, explaining how Laura feels and what she thinks about the Head’s decision. HINT
Listen to the fourth question And say what Laura and her friends use their mobile phones for.
Listen to the fifth question Then say whether you can use mobile phones at your school. Expand your answer by saying what you think about your school’s policy regarding the use of mobile phones at school.
Ask your teacher what she/he thinks about the use of phones at schools.
Listen to the seventh question And explain how you use your mobile phone. Expand your answer by saying how many hours you use your phone every day HINT, whether you use it at school, home or when commuting HINT, and what you use it for HINT.
Listen to the eight question. And talk about the internet, your favourite websites and apps. HINT
Listen to the ninth question And answer what you think the advantages and disadvantages of the internet are. HINT
Ask your teacher about online shopping. Ask her/him what she/he buys online, how often she/he shops online, what she/he thinks the advantages or disadvantages are. HINT
Listen to your teacher’s question Say what technology you use at school (eg, laptops, iPads, PCs) Extend your answer by talking about what you do with this technology. HINT
Listen to your teacher’s question Describe how technology will be like in the future. Remember to use the future tense. HINT
Dear Laura, Thanks so much for your email. Your new Head seems pretty awful… Poor you! Our school is a bit weird. We’re allowed to have our phones during school time and most teachers even encourage us to use them to research some topics during the lessons. During break time we are free to text or listen to music. We have no rules! I don’t know whether your head or mine is right. To be honest I think that some students at my school misuse their mobiles: they spend hours stuck to their phone screens instead of talking to each other. My parents are quite strict regarding the use of technology, so I can’t use my phone too much at home. It’s annoying sometimes.
How are your parents? Can you use your phone as much as you want or do you have rules too?
Remember to reply soon!!
Jenny 🙂 xx
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