In this activity you will talk about festivals, celebrations and traditions in SPANISH.
You will use the picture as a starting point for the conversation. Try to avoid very short answers and do not be afraid of trying new verbs and constructions.
If you cannot understand something, just ask your partner to speak slower (¿Por favor, podrías hablar más despacio?) or to repeat the question (¿Por favor, podrías repetir la pregunta?).
You can start now; enjoy your conversation!
Listen to your partner’s question. And then describe the picture. You can say how many people are in the picture, describe what they look like, how they are dressed and what they are doing Vocabulary
Listen to your partner’s question And say what you think they will do later. Remember to use the future You can expand your answer by saying what they will do in the afternoon, evening and the following day
Listen to the third question. And give your opinion about music festivals. You can say whether you like them or not and why
Listen to the fourth question And describe a typical British music festival. You can say where they take place, who goes, where people sleep…
And tell your partner about other British celebrations. You can mention the Notting Hill Carnival (el Carnaval de Notting Hill), Christmas (la Navidad), Easter (la Semana Santa), Halloween, Queen’s celebrations like Trooping the Colour or Diamond Jubilee, and any other celebration that you know and like. To make your answer longer, you can start by saying whether there are many celebrations in the UK You can compare UK with Spain if you want to give a more elaborated answer
Listen to your partner’s question. And say what is your favourite tradition or celebration. Justify your answer
Listen to the seventh question And say whether you’d like to attend a music festival this summer. If yes, expand your answer by saying who would you go with and what you would do.
If not, say why you would not go, and say what you’d like to do instead.
Remember to use the conditional in your answer
Listen to the question about movies Answer, justifying your preference. Prefiero ir a … que ir a … porque…
Listen to your partner’s question And tell your partner about a movie you’ve seen recently at the cinema. You can expand your answer by describing the movie and/or giving your opinion about it.
Ask your partner whether she/he likes going to the cinema and what was the last movie that she/he saw
Listen to your partner’s question And say whether you prefer to watch a movie at the cinema or at home. Explain your answer.
Listen to your partner’s question. And say which is your favourite TV series and why
Ask your partner what is her/his favourite series
You need to have a now discussion with your partner in ENGLISH on the topic “festivals, movies and public figures”. Read the text and then start the different tasks.
Around four million Brits pack up their tent and wellies and attend festivals each summer. Whether the biggest pop and rock festival experiences, or more boutique and specialist events, there’s something for all fans to get on board within the festival calendar.
We have cherry-picked a list for you: Glastonbury (end June), Wireless (July), Isle of Wight (June), Love Saves the Day (May), Reading (August.
Tickets sell out quickly, so do not wait to book if you are planning to attend! Adapted from articles at the Time Out magazine and www.standard.co.uk
Ask a few questions about the text: What is the text about?
Is there anything that surprises you (e.g. pack wellies for a festival)?
Had you heard about the British music festivals before?
Ask your partner: Would you like to attend a British festival? Why?
Ask your partner: Have you ever attended a music festival in your country? If yes, could you describe it? Where and when was it? Who did you go with? How was it? What did you like most and least?
If not, would you like to attend one? Why?
Listen to your partner’s question. And say whether you’d like to attend a Spanish celebration and why. If you do not know Spanish traditions ask your partner to recommend one
Ask your partner: What do you think are the positive and negative aspects of a music festival?
For the first time, single-use plastic drinks bottles will not be available to purchase at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. They will also no longer be supplied or available in any of the Festival’s backstage, production, catering and dressing room areas.
Our partners Greenpeace estimate that, globally, up to 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans each year. Greenpeace advise that by far the best way to avoid plastic pollution is to reduce plastic usage. With more than one million plastic bottles sold at Glastonbury 2017, we feel that stopping their sale is the only way forward.
For those wishing to drink water – which we certainly do recommend! – we are, once again, encouraging all Festival-goers to use a reusable water bottle and refill it at any of the hundreds of free water taps around the Glastonbury site. We have a mains water supply from Bristol Water, with water of the same quality as your taps at home. Adapted from www.glastonbury.com
Ask your partner: What do you think about the Glastonbury campaign against plastic water bottles?
Ask your partner: Are plastic bottles and bags still widely used in your city or do you think people are becoming more environmentally conscious?
Ask the following question: If you had to choose between a film or a music festival which one would you attend? Why?
Ask your partner: Is there any major cinema festival in your country?
Ask your partner: Who are your favourite Spanish film directors and actors? Why? What films have they done? Who is Almodóvar and what do you think of his work?