Spellian aims to provide a friendly and supportive learning environment, in which young students of all abilities can develop their skills and nurture a lifelong love of languages. To do so, Spellian students are expected to always show respect and behave in a friendly and sensible way with their Spellian partners. This includes using respectful language, dressing appropriately, using a quiet place and neutral background for the video calls and being punctual to the sessions. We have a zero-tolerance approach for any form of bullying, harassment, discrimination or obscenity. If you encounter a disrespectful attitude from your partner, you need to report it immediately to Spellian using the following email,, or by filling in the “Report a problem” form on your dashboard.
Spellian students also need to be committed to their scheduled chats. Regular attendance is essential, and in the event of illness or emergency you need to inform your partner by 9am of the scheduled day.
We expect all participants to be kind and considerate towards their partners. This includes being understanding if your partner cannot connect one week for illness or a personal or school commitment.
If participants need to reschedule a session, it’s possible to do so by agreeing a new time with their partner. If a session is ever missed, students must email their partner as soon as possible, copying, to apologise for the absence and confirm attendance at the following session.
In the event of missing two sessions without any prior notification to their partner, participants will lose their place in the programme.
Spellian participants are expected to regularly check their email and respond to emails from us and their partners within a timely manner. If students are unresponsive we may have to reassign their partner and place them back on our waiting list.
In line with safeguarding obligations, only students themselves can email their partners. Under no circumstances can a parent get in contact with their child’s exchange partner.
Spellian students must abide to their school IT code of conduct. Participants need to use their partner’s email, the Spellian platform and video calls responsibly and cannot use them to upload any form of spam or any file or image that could be considered hurtful, offensive, or illegal.
When entering the call students need to make sure that only their Spellian partner is connected. If there is someone else, the call needs to be stopped and Spellian contacted immediately. If anything of concern happens or is said on the call, you should leave immediately and contact Spellian at This could include someone else joining the call or the exchange partner speaking about matters which are found offensive or unpleasant. If the exchange experience is not going well for any reason, this needs to be reported to Spellian.
Spellian details (username and password), personal details (e.g address) and exchange partner’s details (e.g. email) cannot be shared with anyone. Under no circumstances can anyone else be involved in Spellian calls, including other people in the programme. Recording the conversations or taking screenshots or pictures is strictly forbidden.
Not abiding to the code of conduct will result in a termination of membership. Spellian reserves the right to terminate membership of Spellian and will use it at its own discretion when we consider there is good reason to do so.