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TALKING LANGUAGE: SPANISH In this activity you will talk about houses in SPANISH. You will use the picture and the text as a starting point for the conversation.
Maravilloso piso de dos plantas en el centro de Marbella.
En la entrada hay un salón comedor de techos altos con mucha luz natural con acceso una terraza con vistas bonitas, una cocina y un baño completo.
Desde el salón hay unas escaleras que llevan a la segunda planta donde hay otra habitación y un baño grande.
La comunidad tiene conserje y mucha seguridad.
Adapted from an advert on www.idealista.es
Listen to your partner’s questions about the flat in the picture. Answer the questions using information from the picture and the text.
Listen to your partner’s question Respond justifying your answer.
Listen to the third question. Say what type of house you live in. HINT Then ask your partner what type of house she/he lives in. HINT Expand your answer by saying who you live with.
Listen to the fourth question Say whether you share a bedroom. You can expand your answer by describing your bedroom.
Listen to your partner’s question Say what you like most and least about your home.
Then ask your partner what she likes most and least about her/his home.
You can mention the location, the space, the light, how comfortable it is, how modern or old it is. HINT Remember to use “Lo que” HINT
Listen to your partner’s question. Say in which area you live.
Listen to the seventh question Say whether you like your local area. Justify your answer. Talk about the different shops, bars, restaurants and public services in your area. Remember to use the verb haber. HINT
Listen to the eight question. Respond paying attention to the use of “pretérito perfecto” and “imperfecto”. HINT If you have always lived in the same area, explain whether you would like to move to a different part of the town. Remember to use the conditional. HINT If you have lived somewhere else in the past, say where you lived. Remember to use the imperfect. HINT
Listen to the question about life in a city or in the countryside. Answer the question. Expand your answer mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of living in the countryside / a city.
Pay attention to the use of ser, estar and haber. HINT
Listen to your partner’s question. Respond justifying your answer. Expand your answer by talking about the type of house you would like to live in, and also about its location (in which country and city/area).
Remember to use the conditional HINT. You can challenge yourself using the subjunctive (si pudiera escoger me gustaría vivir en xxx porque xxx).
Ask your partner where she/he would like to live when she/he is an adult and why. HINT.
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